This weekend we took a trip to Alabama to visit Courtney’s family…..  Ok let me stop right here and explain that there are 2 of us, both named Courtney, I’m Courtney Sorensen and she is Courtney Dozier.  Anyway, the trip was good but as always, too short!  The stay, not the drive, lol.  We had a good drive down Friday, we stopped in Jackson to have Debra and Anna keep the babies.  THANK YOU!  Then off to Prattville.  We didn’t get there until about 1:30am.  Saturday we shopped around town a little then went to Courtney’s dad’s house.  The food was GREAT, the company even better!  We took some family pics and had fun playing with her nephew and opening presents.  All and all, even though it was a long trip, it was a good one.  We always enjoy spending time with her family.  Just wish we all lived closer so we could do it more often.  A big Thank You to Dora for all of the great food… and I’m going to need that cake recipe for my own collection. =)