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Sorry for being MIA lately but I’m playing catch up with my blog! 

On St. Patrick’s Day I had so much fun with two beautiful and playful girls, Brenna & Baylor!  These girls were running and playing all over Beidenharn.  Making them sit still was not possible.  That was fine with me, I just ran along with them, along with Brandy and Brandon (the proud parents) we were able to keep up with them most of the time.  Enjoy!


On Feb 27th I had a shoot with 2 beautiful angels!  I had a blast working with Micheal and Chelsea!  Micheal just had his 2nd birthday and Chelsea is just over 3 months, here are some of the pics from that shoot! 

Thanks Nick and Megan for letting me take thier pictures!  I’m glad you liked them! =)