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Moments ago I looked outside to see the first snow of the year!  Keeping in mind that I am in Louisiana & it won’t stick but it puts me in the holiday spirit anyway. =)

I am now taking appointments!!!  I was out of the picture for a while due to medical reasons but I am doing great and ready to get back to work! 

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I had a few sessions with my sisters, which turned out great!  I also had a session with an old friend Amy and her fiance Andy.  It was so much fun & I couldn’t have asked for better weather!   Here’s a sample of the sessions…

Ok, I know that I’m WAY behind on blogging so I’m playing catch up!  Here are some pics of Micheal, Chelsea and thier cousin Adrienne at the Tulip Farm in Wisner.  It was so pretty out there and made for a great setting!


Sorry for being MIA lately but I’m playing catch up with my blog! 

On St. Patrick’s Day I had so much fun with two beautiful and playful girls, Brenna & Baylor!  These girls were running and playing all over Beidenharn.  Making them sit still was not possible.  That was fine with me, I just ran along with them, along with Brandy and Brandon (the proud parents) we were able to keep up with them most of the time.  Enjoy!


On Feb 27th I had a shoot with 2 beautiful angels!  I had a blast working with Micheal and Chelsea!  Micheal just had his 2nd birthday and Chelsea is just over 3 months, here are some of the pics from that shoot! 

Thanks Nick and Megan for letting me take thier pictures!  I’m glad you liked them! =)



I guess we are back to the cold weather… at least for a few days anyway.  Yesterday I had a great day!  Courtney’s neice Emily had her latin club get together “Jazzum” at Austin’s in Monroe.  Before the evening started, I did her hair as her mother did her nails.  Then after she got dressed, off we went to take some pictures before the big event.  First we went to the boardwalk in Monroe, then down the street in front of Austin’s.  Then we got to go inside of Austin’s before anyone was there.  I was so excited to get to go into Historical Austin’s, it is so beautiful!  So was Emily!  =)

We went all over Austin’s taking pictures… in the window, at the bar upstairs, the stairs and even the old phone booth.  After that we still had enough time to hit the raidroad tracks and trenton street.  I had a blast!  Thanks Em for letting me take all the pictures!  You are beautiful!  The whole family has said how much they love the pictures, so I wanted to share them with everyone else!  I hope you enjoy the pictures and I’m sure you will agree…  This is beauty!