If you want to cherish your memories forever, capture that special event or just want to get some updated snapshots, contact me!  Anything from fancy and formal to serious or laid back, t-shirt, jeans and barefoot.  Call me, I’m the one that can make that happen.  I would love to talk or meet with you, find out exactly what you are looking for and let you know how we can accomplish that. 

I shoot on location…  whether it’s your home, the river walk, antique alley, rail road tracks, forsythe park, etc…  If you have a location in mind or if you just want to go where the wind takes us, we can do that.  It doesn’t cost you anything to contact me.  I am available some afternoons and most weekends.  Let’s get together and see what we can do!

Email me at:  courtney@mysouthernmemories.com